Expanded Learning Programs » HOW TO CONTRIBUTE


Thank you for stopping by to see ways you can contribute to the Expanded Learning Program.
1. Support Local
Gift Certificate to a local hobbie/toy shops such as the ToyBox(Eureka), The Rocking Horse(Arcata)
These items will may be incentives/prizes or educational instruction tools/activities for the program. They will be divided between the two sites. Giftcards will be used to purchase supplies for the program and can be combined with other gift cards to purchase more expensive program materials. 
3. ProCare Invoice (Great for end of the year taxes!)
You can let us know the amount you wish to donate and we can invoice your students account for that amount.
4. Cash or Check 
You can give the Site Coordinator cash or Check that will be processed through your ProCare account if you have one. (Checks made payble to: MUSD with a memo: ELP Donation.)
5. Makers workshop donations
Click here for the supply donation ideas
6. LEGOs
Classic size building bricks. If your students have out grown their Legos consdier donationg them to ELP!
7. SCHOLASTIC BookFair/Online orders
Says 2nd grade but used for all ELP
Says 3rd grade but used for all ELP
8. T-Shirt Fundraiser/Donation
For a minimum donation of $15 you can recive an ELP T-shirt.