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MUSD Vision, Mission, and Core Values Statement

Vision: McKinleyville Union Elementary School District is an attentive community committed to maximizing every student’s success.
                         ◆            Create expert learners; 
                         ◆            Educate every student so they may develop into productive adults;
                         ◆            Strive for excellence within ourselves and our students;
                         ◆            Provide healthy, respectful, and responsible learning environments for all students; and
                         ◆            Promote representation in a manner that fosters a sense of true belonging.  
                                                                                                                                                  …as only MUSD can!
Core Values: Our MUSD Core Values define and document our collective beliefs to provide us with the guidance and direction necessary to execute our mission and fulfill our vision.
❖ RELATIONSHIPS: We build positive relationships with children, families and staff to support academic, social emotional, and behavioral learning.
❖ DIVERSITY: We cherish our diversity - a strength of our schools and community- and believe each difference is an asset of the whole. 
❖ REPRESENTATION: Adults and children will see others who look, speak, believe, and live like them positively reflected in the books, messages, curriculum, and learning environment.
❖ INCLUSIVITY:  We adopt and plan all curriculum based on how adequately it supports and accommodates the diversity and needs of the learners at the center. We define children and adults by their aspirations and contributions, rather than their challenges and deficits, and leverage each person’s strengths to improve teaching and learning.
➢ ENGAGEMENT We understand that students learn best when they are actively engaged.
➢ LEARNER VARIABILITY We understand that every person has a varied learner profile with strengths that can be leveraged for learning.
➢ EXPERT LEARNERS We teach children to recognize where their strengths and weaknesses are and how to best employ various strategies, etc. that will help them learn without becoming frustrated or unmotivated.
❖ SOCIAL JUSTICE: We consider and confront the distribution of access to resources, opportunities, and privileges, seeking balance between individuals and our community.
❖ SAFETY: We work to ensure physical and emotional safety and a sense of belonging for everyone on our campuses.
❖ HOLISTIC PRACTICES: We teach and plan for the whole child, taking into account intellectual, physical, and social-emotional factors.
❖ ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY: We are thoughtful of our day-to-day activities in relation to the environment and adopt practices that conserve, repurpose, and recycle resources.
❖ HONORING: We serve a community living on unceded Wiyot and Yurok land and work in partnership with tribes, indigenous families, and other organizations to provide respectful, relevant education, and school experiences.
Adopted June, 2021

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Flyer with important dates

New School Year Dates!

McKinleyville Schools are hard at work preparing for the 2022-23 school year! Families can expect email messages to the email address we have on file, Remind messages for those signed up for Remind, as well as updates on the website and our McKinleyville School Facebook page. We are getting excited to have all the kids back at school at the end of August!!
MSPTO Meeting Notice

MSPTO Monthly Meetings

McKinleyville Schools Parent Teacher Organization meets the First Tuesday of each month at 6 PM via Zoom. ALL families are welcomed at ALL meetings.