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Hello MUSD Community and Family,
We are living through an unprecedented time in our history with the last few years of wildfires bringing much angst along with unexpected power outages, a global pandemic in Covid-19 which forced us to re-imagine our school system and now, an increased awareness of the racial strife and political tensions that is alive across our country.

Our school district will remain committed to our very ethos, no matter what is thrown our way. We are educators, dedicated to educating our next generation to not only be able to compete in a global world, but to be fine citizens and good people who value and respect one another despite apparent differences. 

Many of our children are experiencing fear in a way that is new for them. Fear for their health and safety, fear for their family, fear for the people across America. And  many of our children may be struggling with how to process all that has happened in the last school year. Some, might even be experiencing emotional trauma?

Although this is MUSD's final week of instruction for this almost unbelievable school year, we remain committed to supporting our students, your children over the summer as best we can. Should you or your child need support, please contact our district office at (707) 839-1549 and leave a message. We will get back to you.

You may recall that earlier in the year, we provided resources to staff and families about how to navigate difficult conversations around race and discrimination. I again offer our website again as a resource to you and your family. MUSD Non-discrimination/Harassment Resources
Despite all that is in front of us, we remain committed to ensuring that the 2020/2021 school year is positive and safe for our children. We don;t quite know what that will look like, but are working tirelessly on many scenarios that are dependent on further information from the Humboldt County Public Health Department. What I can promise you is that school Will Be in Session in some form or another. For information about how to enroll your student into our progressive school district, please contact us at (707) 839-1549.

It is our true hope that, together, we will come out of this challenging time on the other side a more united school district and community, but to do so, will take each of us to be willing to lean in and learn together. Keep yourselves and your family safe!
Heidi Moore-Guynup
McKinleyville Union School District

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Social Emotional Well-Being and Additional Resources

It is natural to feel stress, anxiety, grief, and worry during and after a disaster. Everyone reacts differently, and your own feelings will change over time. Notice and accept how you feel. Taking care of your emotional health during an emergency will help you think clearly and react to the urgent needs to protect yourself and your family. Self-care during an emergency will help your long-term healing (CDC). Please see the following resources for further information and support: Text HOME to 741741 to connect with a Crisis Counselor. COVID-19 Help National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255 National Helpline 1-800-662-HELP (4357) Find Local Treatment SAMHSA Talking to Children about COVID-19 Coping with Disaster or Traumatic Event (CDC)