Technology Home

The Technology Department is responsible for the planning, implementation, and support of Information Technology for all schools and administrative offices in McKinleyville Union School District.
As we shift to distance learning, we know families may need some technical support.
  • If you need username or login information, please contact your teacher.
  • For over the phone support call the District Office at (707)839-1549 and press "0" at the prompt. When you call for assistance please make sure to leave a message with your name, contact information, and a brief description of your issue and someone will get back to you.
  • For email support please contact [email protected]
Quick Troubleshooting Tips
  • Students should use their google username and password to login to their device.
  • Make sure your device is plugged in and charging. Devices that are low on power
    may take a moment to come to life.
  • Check your internet connection using the WiFi icon. The WiFi icon can be found on
    the lower right-hand area of the device's screen. Please connect the device to
    your WiFi connection shortly after receiving your device.
  • Check your internet speed using a test like (external site). Internet
    speeds can be impacted by a number of things including: the quantity of devices
    using the same connection, or the type of work that is being conducted.
  • Power the device off, then on, and see if the issue continues.
Google Chrome Profile Creation
Distance Learning Resources for Parents
Becoming familiar with the resources below will help you collaborate with your student and teacher during Distance Learning.
Student Google Account Access and Clever SSO Portal:
Clever is a free single-sign-on portal. Clever creates a secure pipeline between district user data and the learning applications students and teachers use.
Category: Single-Sign-On Dashboard
Platform: Web-based
Grade Levels: TK-8th
Google Classroom
Google Classroom is a free management tool that allows teachers to create classes, distribute assignments, grade work, and provide feedback to students all in one place.
Category: Virtual Classroom, Communication, Student Creation
Platform: App and web-based
Grade Levels: 3rd-8th