McKinleyville Teacher Parade!!

MUSD Car Caravan 

Tuesday, June 2nd 1:45 to 4:00 ish

Teachers meet at Middle School parking lot from District office along the north side of parking lot to finish decorating and organize,  1:45

Leave Middle School at 2:00 move South on Central Ave Turn left on Gwin 

Wind through Pillor Estates, Grace Park area behind Middle School exit out Babler.  Around 2:15 , turn right on Central proceed North to Norton Turn right and proceed to Dows Prairie Road .

Proceed down Dows Prairie Road and pass Dows Prairie School around 2:25.

Proceed down Dows Prairie Road to Baird road.  Wind through the Baird Road and Chafin st area, back out Baird to Dows Prairie Road.  Proceed North to Clam Beach Road and out Central.  

Proceed down Central  from Clam Beach Road at 2:50 to 3:00, going South.  Turn right on Murray to Mckinleyville Avenue.  Proceed South along Mckinley Avenue to School Road.

Turn left on Central to Sutter Road at 3:15 or so and turn right.  Proceed to park ave.

Wind through the park avenue, 1st street, Dog wood, wild canary, Blackbird road area to Azalea. 

Around 3:35, Proceed to North Bank road moving West and up Central to Bella vista road.  Move to Cochran rd  wind around and proceed back out Bartow road.  

Around 4:00 Turn right on Central and proceed down central North back to the Middle School.