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Welcome to Ms. Howe's Sixth Grade Classes

I hope you find this website helpful and fun! You'll find the Sixth Grade Homework Calendar, links to resources, fun pictures, and more. I will continue to change and update the site throughout the year. This summer I traveled to Nashville, Tennessee, and both Idaho and Montana. I visited family and friends, and I did two of my most favorite things: hiking and listening to live music.
More about me: I've been teaching since 1994. Most of my teaching career has been in sixth grade. I have taught fourth through eighth grades, but I really love sixth grade. I proudly say that I have been a sixth grader for more than 20 years, and I may actually be the oldest sixth grader EVER! 
Education History:
I studied sociology at University of California, Santa Cruz. My teaching credential is from Humboldt State University.
As teachers, we are constantly continuing our education through workshops, conferences, and classes. I enjoy continuing my own education. 
Future Goals: I hope to travel to Egypt and Greece some day in the near future. The fact that I get to teach ancient history has inspired my travel goals. 
If you are interested: I love having parents and family members in my classroom, so please let me know if you are interested. I run Book Clubs several times a year. During these weeks, I try to get members of our community to come in and discuss a novel they are reading along with a small group of students. Our first Book Club will probably begin in late November and end in mid-December.